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Welcome to The Happy Playroom!


Our mission is to provide moms (and dads) with the BEST care for their kiddos while the parents are able to take some time for themselves – whether it is to get some work done, go to an appointment, run an errand, or simply take a shower (we get it – being a parent is hard work!)


That's why we created The Happy Playroom!  Our goal is to give parents a break, without the hassle of trying to find a babysitter or worry that their children won't be safe!  Our staff is CPR certified and background screened, because we know that you deserve nothing but the BEST!

The Happy Playroom Pricing


We allow parents to drop off their children for up to 3.5 hours per day!

  • 1 Child = $10 per Hour

  • 2 Children = $18 Per Hour

  • 3 Children = $24 Per Hour

  • 4 Children = $28 Per Hour

*The maximum amount of drop-off hours per week is 4 hours unless parents remain on the premises

What to Bring:

Parents should bring the following items, all clearly labeled with the child's name

Caspian Playroom.jpg



  • Snacks - We are a nut-free zone! CLICK HERE to see a list of foods that are choking hazards that are not allowed.

  • Change of clothing (just in case!)

  • Bottle of Water

  • Socks

*We ask that you leave special playthings at home, as we wouldn’t want them to get forgotten, lost, or damaged!  Keep them safe at home!

Late Policy:


It is imperative that children are picked up at their scheduled pick-up time.  


Parents arriving after their 3.5 hour allotted time will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child.  


*Chronic late pickup may result in termination of a family’s ability to come back.   

Happy Baby

Infants & Toddlers


Feel free to bring a diaper bag with the following:

  • Bottles or Sippy Cups with Milk / Formula (We have a fridge to store milk)

  • Snacks – We are a nut-free zone!  CLICK HERE to see a list of foods that are choking hazards that are not allowed.

  • Diapers, Wipes, Cream/Ointment if needed

  • Change of Clothes

  • Socks

  • Comfort Items Needed – EX: Swaddling Blanket, Pacifier attached, Favorite Teething Ring

Miley Playroom 2.HEIC

The Importance of PLAY

Scientific Research has proven the important link between PLAY and its many cognitive benefits in children including improved memory and growth of the cerebral cortex.  Other benefits of play include increased language development, problem solving skills, and enhanced creativity.


PLAY is the chief component of what we offer at The Playroom, providing the materials and space for children to actively explore the world around them.


The activities available include a flexible balance of active and quite play and were created to provide children with a variety of experiences according to the age and developmental level of each child in care. The activities provided will encourage the children to use and develop language and literacy skills, think creatively, develop new ideas, participate in imaginative play, and will expose the children to a variety of cultures.  

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