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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring?
    Parents should bring the following items, all clearly labeled with the child's name: Children Snacks - We are a nut-free zone! CLICK HERE to see a list of foods that are choking hazards that are not allowed. Change of clothing (just in case!) Bottle of Water Socks Infants & Toddlers Feel free to bring a diaper bag with the following: ​ Bottles or Sippy Cups with Milk / Formula (We have a fridge to store milk) Snacks – We are a nut-free zone! CLICK HERE to see a list of foods that are choking hazards that are not allowed. Diapers, Wipes, Cream/Ointment if needed Change of Clothes Socks Comfort Items Needed – EX: Swaddling Blanket, Pacifier attached, Favorite Teething Ring *We ask that you leave special playthings at home, as we wouldn’t want them to get forgotten, lost, or damaged! Keep them safe at home!
  • Where is The Happy Playroom Located?
    The Happy Playroom is located at Infinite Gymnastics in Brown Deer, WI in their upstairs room (formerly the Birthday Party Room) behind the viewing area! Our address is 8989 N. 55th St. Brown Deer, WI 53223
  • What is the arrival/check-in process like?
    We suggest planning to arrive with ample time to fill out forms, speak with caregivers if needed, put away your child’s belongings, and depart from The Happy Playroom in a timely manner. Arrival-time should also be used for the parent to discuss any relevant information that would help their child during the day (e.g. sleeping irregularities, moods, changes in daily routine, etc.). STEP 1: STOP AT THE FRONT DESK Parents interested in enrolling their child(ren) can pre-register from home on our website, or they can stop in and register into our system upon arrival at the front desk. Parents will be required to enter into the computer system all of the information and check the liability boxes themselves. A credit or debit card must be on file. This is the card will be charged at Pick-up Time. *If families are already registered, they must still also stop at the front desk to check-in. *The Happy Playroom Staff will be walkie-talkied that a new arrival is on its way! STEP 2: BATHROOM STOP (If needed) Parents are encouraged to stop at the bathroom to help their child go before entering The Happy Playroom. Sometimes when kids are having fun they forget or don’t want to stop and go, so we ask that parents take them before dropping them off. STEP 3: ENTER THE HAPPY PLAYROOM / FILL OUT FORM Parents can put their child(ren)’s shoes, jacket, and other items needed into a cubby or drawer when they get there. Then, parents must fill out the Drop-off and Pick-up Form immediately upon arrival. The Drop-off and Pick-up Form includes all of the information that the caregivers will need to provide the care for the child(ren), including: · Child’s Name · Child’s Age · Drop-off Time · Cubby/Drawer Number · Person Picking up Name · Expected Return Time · Snacks? – Yes or No · Toilet Trained? – Fully, In Training, or Diapers Provided · Person Picking up’s Signature · Actual Pick-up Time · Anything else we should know – Parents can write in any information they believe would be pertinent for us to be able to properly watch their children. STEP 4: PARENTS CAN LEAVE AND ENJOY SOME CHILD-FREE TIME! Parents are free to do any of the following and more: · Go to an appointment · Get some work or schoolwork done · Get some coffee · Pamper themselves / self-care · Run errands
  • What is the pick-up procedure like?
    STEP 1: STOP AT THE FRONT DESK – PAY Parents picking up their children should stop in at the front desk and pay for their time used. *Office Staff will walkie-talkie The Happy Playroom staff that a parent pick-up is on its way! STEP 2: ENTER THE HAPPY PLAYROOM / SIGN OUT ON FORM Parents picking up must sign out (signature required) on the Drop-off and Pick-up Form and include the Actual Pick-up Time. Parents must alert caregivers when a child is getting picked up. Parents can help their child get ready-to-go. The Happy Playroom families may then exit the front door to go to the parking lot. *Children will only be released to persons listed on the Drop-off and Pick-up Form. If anyone other than the child's parent or someone who is listed on the enrollment form is to pick up a child: o We need to be notified in writing or by a telephone call in advance. o The person picking up the child will need to show a driver's license or other picture ID.
  • Do I have to pre-register before dropping off?
    At this time, no. Drop-in care does not need to be scheduled, however, we do need families to enter into our computer system. That can be done upon arrival (be sure to schedule this into your first time here) or can be done at any time by CLICKING HERE.
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